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We are a travel agency with specialized tourism guides, working with: eco-tourism, educational tourism, historical, cultural, trekking and nature walks around Rio de Janeiro and other regions of the country. With diverse itineraries, our customers rely on service of lodging-houses, hostels, hotels, transfers and highly skilled professionals to provide unforgettable sensory experiences.

We work with schools to develop projects and environmental education workshops. These are devised to the goals to be achieved by each institution. The activities are geared for Sustainability and Environmental Education, working concepts facing ecotourism. Contact us and find out more about it!

We actively participate in environmental projects, task forces and management of trails in parks cleaning. We are committed to put in our leadings awakening of conscious conduct, whether in a natural environment, whether in an urban environment, promoting minimal impact to the environment, with lovely scripts and almost unexplored.

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Chapada Diamantina Trekking
Pedra Bonita Trekking
Açude do Camorim Trekking
Pedra do Sino Trekking
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Amigos da Pedra Branca - Parceiro RJ Adventura
Mosaico Carioca - Parceiro RJ Adventura
SOS Trilhas - Parceiro RJ Adventura

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